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Luxury simply means great comfort and elegance. By building homes on prime locations that maximize the ease and comfort of a resident, we believe that one can uplift the value of a piece of land to the highest caliber.

The Metropolitan Residence Apartments

The Metropolitan Residence will add value to your life by offering an uninterrupted power supply, a high capacity water tank, a high-end elevator, an automatic security system, and underground parking!

Commercial areas will offer generous space for office, retail and recreation use.

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Central Tower will give you peace of mind with high capacity water tank, uninterrupted power supply, high-end elevator, automatic security system, and underground parking.

Central Tower is a unique project located in the heart of Addis Ababa with its proximity to the AU headquarters, major roads, great city view, and considered to be in a rapidly developing area.

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Equipped with original architecture, international standard and a central location, Bole Tower offers a quality home for sale in Addis Ababa that is truly luxurious. 

Metropolitan tower is located in the heart of Bole and has carefully designed units, club, gym and commercial areas.

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We pride ourselves on top quality construction a carefully thought out floor plan and infrastructure and exceptional workmanship and furnishing. This is epitomized in our Bole Midtown project. 

Located in the best part of Bole, this apartment complex is easily accessible and close to all the major service Bole has to offer.

Choosing a house to live in is one of the biggest decisions in life. Homes craft our mood, our mood in turn crafts who we are and plays a crucial part in our family’s well-being. Beautifully built houses like ours are capable of making your life joyful.

This apartment has the city view you dream of and quality design built by well experienced European builders and modern building materials. It is located at Sarbet around International Community School(ICS). 

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