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What Makes a Luxurious Home Luxurious?

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Luxurious home spaces are never a matter of accident. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the homeowners, designers, and builders who are involved in that project, to make sure that the entire property is designed and built uniquely and that it has all the features which will categorize it as a luxury home.


If you are building your own luxury home versus buying one off the market, the location is one aspect you will have to take into account even before you consider purchasing a certain home. Luxury living is a lot about what’s in the house as well as what’s outside it; to a large extent, the neighborhood that a house is in contributes to its luxury quotient.


The amenities that a luxury home has to make the homeowners feel safe and at peace. Some amenities found in luxury homes in Ethiopia like Metropolitan are, terrace areas suited for different gatherings, clubhouses, and gyms.


These are uniquely-designed functional and attractive spaces, with large countertops, the latest appliances, fittings, and finishes. High-quality appliances, spacious storing spaces, and sleek cleaning appliances are all part and parcel of having a luxury kitchen

Metropolitan is known for its high-end fully furnished kitchen that are designed to blend well with the overall feel of your luxury homes. We build a luxurious kitchen area that is worth your hard-earned money.


Most homes in this category are very technology-driven and have smart appliances and fittings. They have electronics control for parts of the house. All of Metropolitans luxury homes have 24/7 security systems installed. It maximizes the safety of your home and also increases your resale value.

Metropolitan real estate PLC, is an American company, building quality homes in Ethiopia to fulfill the needs of luxury house for sale in Addis Ababa and all of Ethiopia as well



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