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How to buy an apartment in Addis Ababa, while living abroad?

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Most Ethiopian Diasporas desire to own a property in Addis Ababa. While living abroad, you may have different reasons to buy a property in Addis Ababa for many reasons, real estate is a desirable form of property to own: Whether it’s as an investment, for a loved one, a pension, or simply somewhere to hang your hat when you retire. Here are the things you need to consider before buying an apartment in Addis Ababa.

Be reasonable and look for long-term profitability

When you think of buying an apartment, your focus should be on long term profitability. Having an investment property, who doesn’t like to earn 4000 dollars per month in Addis Ababa? Buying your dream apartments from Metropolitan Real Estate in Addis Ababa is much easier than you can imagine. First thing first you have to decide which type of apartments you are looking for; be it luxury apartments (Metropolitan Bole Tower Luxury Apartments) or standard apartments (Westview Standard Apartments) don’t worry, we got your back.

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Metropolitan Real Estate – Westview Standard Apartments

Ask for detail information before you buy apartments

Having detailed information is a vital part of buying an apartment when you decide to buy apartments from Metropolitan Real Estate everything is simple as a piece of cake. Once you reach us, our skilled and professional sales personnel in Addis Ababa and the USA will provide you detailed information about our apartments and advice you in your decision-making journey to arrive at a decision you will never regret.

Let your relatives evaluate the real estate site in-person

You are worried that reality and your expectation might not match? How about your relatives or a good friend visit the site and showrooms of the real estate you want to buy? In Metropolitan Real Estate, we arrange a site visit for any person of your choice with our own transportation so that it will help you make a better decision with your family.

Construction at Metropolitan Real Estate, Bole Tower Luxury Apartments
Construction at Metropolitan Real Estate, Bole Tower Luxury Apartments, a great investment opportunity at a premium location in Addis Ababa

Understand the payment plan details of the Apartments

Understanding the payment plan is an important step in buying an apartment. Commonly here in Addis Ababa, there are 2 types of payments that are common in Ethiopia. Down-payment plan: It is the most conventional scheme where you have to pay up to 30% upfront, called down payment, at the time of reservation and thereafter 70% of the total cost within some time period as the construction progress grows.

Construction-linked plans: As the name suggests, the payments under this plan are linked to the construction stages. You have to pay around 10%-30% of the purchase price within 2-3 days from booking and the balance in installments on completing different construction milestones.

Our payment plan is Construction-linked plans. Based on our project progress. In addition to this, if you prefer to pay in US Dollars, you will get a 15% discount from the total payment price.

If you’d like to find out more about our apartments we are here to help you. Just fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you promptly.


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