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The Luxurious Living Room Of Metropolitan

Sarbet living

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Lying on a spacious area, Metropolitan brings you state of the art luxury living rooms you can enjoy with your family. Metropolitan believes that great lighting, decent theme, and luxurious design brings out the elegance of every living room. So, each one of our living rooms have a well-thought arrangement that peacefully blends in with all the accessories in the living room.

Let us give you a tour of one of our luxurious living room in Sarbet Gabriel Luxury apartment which lies on a 40 sq. meter area.

This living room built by Metropolitan is well lit by more than 50 light bulbs which are situated in unique and different ways on the ceiling. They have small circular bulbs surrounding the part of the living room where the sofa and TV set sits.

There are also bulbs hidden in the gypsum work which brings out a magnificent light shadowing on the ceiling. At the center hangs a wonderful circular black chandelier, the same as in the kitchen, which gives the room a classy look. To make the management of all these blubs easier, multiple light switches located around 10 different places are installed inside the living room. Each can control different parts of the light arrangement so you can light the room to your preferred level of dimness.

The entire living room has an additional gypsum work made to the finest precision. The smoothness of the work on the ceiling is very evident under the bright lights on the ceiling. The TV area is also decorated with simplistic gypsum makeup.

The colors chosen to paint the living room, amazingly harmonize with one another and it is a feast to the eye. The room is intentionally not painted the same color so as to give it a contemporary look. Half of the room is painted with a darker shade of sky blue and the other half of it is painted with a bright sky-blue color. The ceiling and some of the gypsum works on the wall are painted white and the combination gives an easy and attractive look.

The ground is made of expensive, high-end, laminated flooring. It is not real wood but it is more durable than real wood. The floor gives the room a luxurious look together with the hand-picked furniture making its stand on it.

There are top-notch windows surrounding the whole living room which open in two ways: from the top down, and from left to right. This ensures child safety and the amount of air you want to get into the apartment. The windows are sealed with the right high-quality materials and are themselves double-paned. A double-pane window is a window that has two panes of glass set into each individual frame. The two glass panes have a small space between them, creating an air pocket made to better insulate a room. This air pocket prevents the temperature of the air outside your home from affecting the temperature of the air inside your home.

Above the window frames, there is a gypsum work that hides the hooks of the curtains which you can hang to cover the windows. For any visitor which looks at the curtains, the curtains flow smoothly from the top to the ground with no wrinkles on top of them.

There is a very nice balcony outside which is a meter and a half wide and five meters long. Here you can enjoy the cool breezes of air and the view. The railings are clear chrome railings, as in all of the apartments, which fits the aesthetics of the balcony.

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