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Standard apartments are built with equivalent quality to that of luxury apartments. Construction processes, material quality and supervision are not compromised. Metropolitan’s luxury constructions are done by experienced international engineers with strict supervision.

Location of standard apartments may not be as convenient as luxury home but they’re usually located in up and coming neighborhoods which makes it suitable for residential apartments.

Standard apartments offer standard features like a generator, elevator, water tank, parking, collective installations, power back-up, and secure access.

Standard apartments come with limited but up to standard amenities and appliances. Even though amenities like gym & clubhouses aren’t available like metropolitan’s luxury houses for sale in Addis Ababa, it comes with kitchen cabinet finishes, floor tiles, water insulation features, marble finish, and different fixtures.


Looking for comfort and convenience without the price tag?

Metropolitan’s Westview Standard Apartments for sale in Addis Ababa is an international standard project which meets all of Metropolitan’s high-quality standards. The city’s best construction meets an ergonomic design at Westview Standard Apartments to provide you with functional and convenient homes.

If you are looking for  western quality, comfort and security which is affordable, Westview Standard Apartments is your best option

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