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Types Of Parking Spaces In Luxury Apartments


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Parking lot

A parking lot is an area that is assigned for parking. Normally, the parking spaces are marked on the ground with white or yellow lines that form squares that each fit one car.

Parking garage

A parking garage is also called car park, parking structure, parking building, parking ramp, parkade or parking deck.

Single level parking garage

A single level parking garage is a parking garage that only has only one floor.

Multilevel or multi-storey parking garage

Multilevel or multi-storey parking garages are parking garages that have multiple floors to park at. The design of a multilevel parking garage can be very different. The most common design is a garage with ramps to move from one level to another. Less common are parking garages that use lifts to go from level to level. Then there are also parking garages with robotic systems that move cars from one level to another. The floors of the parking garage can either go up, down or both.

Underground parking garage

An underground parking garage has levels below the surface and none above ground. Most often underground parking garages are located in city centers where there’s not much space available to build a parking facility, but there is a big need to build one.

 Automated parking system (APS)

Automotion Parking Systems builds custom automated parking garages. The systems are designed to work in virtually any space. Platforms move cars between different levels and spaces efficiently.

APS is a mechanical system designed to minimize the area and/or volume required for parking cars. Like a multi-story parking garage, an APS provides parking for cars on multiple levels stacked vertically to maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing land usage. The APS, however, utilizes a mechanical system to transport cars to and from parking spaces (rather than the driver) in order to eliminate much of the space wasted in a multi-story parking garage.

An underground parking garage is available in our new luxury apartments for sale, Westview Apartments.

Metropolitan’s Westview Apartments is one of the most luxurious residential real estate projects of the region. It combines the high-quality standards with unique architecture, best material selection, and strictly supervised construction. Westview is a perfect fit for those looking for western quality, comfort and security.

Site Supervision is done by Turkish Architects and Engineers. Quality Construction by International standards and; architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical design are from İstanbul made with European standards

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