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Types Of Apartments In Ethiopia


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An apartment is a living space in residential real estate building. The living space may consist of one room or a set of rooms, and it may be one of a few or several such spaces in the building. In other words, whether the inhabitants of the space rent or own it, it’s still an apartment. This definition includes co-ops and condos.

Classic Six Apartment

A Classic 6 apartment consists of a living room, a formal dining room, two full bedrooms, a separate kitchen, two full bathrooms and a third, smaller bedroom, usually referred to as a “maid’s room,” located off the kitchen. This room has a full or half bath of its own.

Classic Seven / Eight Apartment

A Classic 7 or Classic 8 Apartment is the same as a Classic 6, with the addition of one or two more bedrooms. While a Classic Six is one of the hardest to find, Classic Seven and Classic Eight apartments are even rarer. A great example would Metropolitan’s Sarbet Gabriel Apartment in Ethiopia. The units consist 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms resting on a gracious 220 Sq m or, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms resting on 180 Sqm

Convertible Apartment

In a convertible apartment, the apartment layout can accommodate adding another bedroom via the installation of a temporary pressurized wall, usually in the living room, or by adding a door to a separate dining room. A Convertible 2 implies a one bedroom that has been or can be, changed to a two bedroom.

Corporate Apartment

A corporate apartment, also known as a serviced apartment, refers to a fully-furnished unit, rented for short term. And frequent users of this are business travelers looking for an alternative to a hotel looking for the better environments of an apartment.

Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is basically one room with a full bathroom and a kitchen. It may have an alcove for dressing or dining. There are different types of studio apartments. Like; Convertible studio: a studio large enough to be able to create a walled-off space for sleeping, Alcove studio: an area no more than one hundred square feet located off of the living space(sometimes referred to as a half room)

Garden Apartment

Garden apartments can refer to two types of homes. The first is a cluster of low-rise buildings with open lawns, landscaping, and pathways. The other definition of the garden apartment is one on the ground floor that offers direct access to a backyard or garden.

Loft Apartment

one large room, usually located in a building that was converted from commercial to residential, with really high ceilings and windows. A loft can present with anything from a studio to three bedrooms, although this is usually specified at the outset

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments can mean slightly different things in different markets; however, in general, they refer to apartments with a higher level of finishes, amenities, and services (and a higher price).

Penthouse Apartment

The strict, architectural definition of a penthouse apartment is an apartment actually built onto the rooftop, with setbacks providing terraces with spectacular views. However, some buildings also advertise penthouse apartments that are simply on one of the uppermost floors.

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