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Types Of Elevators – in Home For Sale in Addis Ababa

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There is no doubt that the invention of the elevator has changed the way we move and build home for sale in Addis Ababa. The earliest elevator prototypes appeared in the Middle Ages, and from there, lifts have evolved into the variety of elevator types that we rely on today.

Traction Elevators

Traction elevators are lifted by ropes which pass over a wheel that is connected to a motor, usually an electric motor, that is located in a machine room above the elevator shaft. These types of elevators are most commonly used in mid and high rise application, as they can attain quicker travel speeds than most other types of elevators. In most cases, a counterweight is also used, so that the motor’s load is eased. Traction elevators can be geared, or gearless, depending on their application.

Machine-Room-Less Elevators

The increasingly popular machine-room-less (MRL) elevator is used most often in mid-rise buildings up to or around 250 feet. These elevators are also traction elevators, but instead of having a dedicated machine room, the machinery necessary to operate the elevator sits at the top of the shaft in an override space that is accessed through the top of the elevator car, anytime repairs or maintenance is necessary. A separate control room will be needed at the top floor as well and is usually located within 150 feet of the elevator. These elevators require less space than conventional traction elevators and are quite energy efficient.

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are supported from the bottom by a piston that pushes the elevator upward as an electric motor pumps hydraulic fluid into the piston. The elevator will descend as the fluid is released. These types of elevators are more commonplace in low rise buildings as they have a slower speed and can only reach about 80 feet.

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