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Luxury living is defined differently across different markets and areas. It also has its own definition in Ethiopia. Metropolitan Real Estate aims to redefine luxury living in Ethiopian homes.

Our very first luxury house for sale in Addis Ababa was, Sarbet Gabriel Apartments, which was built and delivered in 12 months. We have now launched  two more luxury housing projects.


Standard apartments are built with an international standard quality but with the element of affordability. Construction processes, quality and supervision are not compromised for the sake of affordability

Just like Metropolitan’s luxury apartments, constructions are done by experienced international engineers with strict supervision. 

It is our passion to create spaces that embody the convenience and comfort of modern day luxury living in Ethiopia, while providing excellent investment opportunities in some of Addis Ababa’s most prime real estate locations such as Bole, Sarbet, Bisrate Gebriel, African Union area, and Total Soset Kuter Mazoria.

For Metropolitan, becoming the best real estate developer in Ethiopia is all about delivering high quality apartments in timely manner.

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