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27 Questions to ask when you want to buy a house


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This is an extensive list, and not every question applies to every situation. For example, if your goal is to purchase a single-family Apartment, questions relating to Apartments don’t apply. However, this list of questions to ask when touring an Apartment should give you an excellent start in making well-informed decisions when buying your first home. 

  1. How long has the Apartment been on the market? 
  2. What is the neighborhood like?
  3. When was the house built? 
  4. What are the property taxes?
  5. Are there any upcoming Apartment or homeowners’ association fees?
  6. What are the average utility costs? 
  7. Have there been any major repairs to the property? If so, do you know if they provided a warranty?
  8. Are there any boundary disputes with neighbors?
  9. Are there any shared driveways or communal spaces?
  10. How modern are the major appliances and systems?
  11. Are the appliances included in the sale?
  12. What is the sales history of the real estate, and how would it affect my offer?
  13. Is there enough storage space? Room to grow? 
  14. Is there any evidence of water problems? Can you see damp drywall, basement floors, or open leaks? Can you smell mildew? Or is there a smell of fresh paint that might be intended to cover up a water issue?
  15. Are the walls structurally sound? Look for cracks and look for evidence of cracks covered over by wallpaper that doesn’t look right or paint applied over the filler.
  16. Are the windows sound? Will any of the glazing need to be replaced?
  17. Do the ground floor windows have working latches to lock the windows? 
  18. Is the attic insulated? If so, when was the insulation installed?
  19. Is there any soundproofing in the house? (Try viewing the home at different times to hear road noise or neighbors.)
  20. How is the condition of electrical outlets and switches? (You can bring something to plug into try outlets.) 
  21. Do all of the lights work? If not, why not?
  22. Does the property have any lead pipes? Do you see any issues with pipes in need of repair?
  23. What kind of drainage system does the property have? Is it on the city sewer, or is there a septic tank? 
  24. What kind of roof does the property have? When was it last replaced, and what is its current condition? 
  25. Do you see any gutter leaks?
  26. Are there any trees growing within 15 feet of the property? Can you discern if roots are likely to be a problem? 
  27. What’s the lowest price you think you could offer for this house and still close the transaction?

You can ask these questions when buying a house – and others as applicable – to understand your likely overall costs to own this home. When you know all of your costs, you’ll confidently be able to make an offer you can afford. 


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