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Flexibility for First-Time Homebuyers in Addis Ababa

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Present time low inventory can be challenging for homebuyers, especially if you are searching to purchase your first Apartment. If you work remotely, you may have more flexibility when it comes to buying a home this year.

Working from home is great news if you’re a first-time buyer trying to find an Apartment that meets your needs and budget. Here’s a deeper look at how it could benefit you.

Extra Flexibility in Your Career Means Extra Flexibility in Your Home Search

If your job is 100% remote, you don’t have to be tied to a specific location or office. So if it’s hard to find what you want in the local area, it’s time to expand the search.

One option there that you could consider while living in Addis Ababa is moving to a place where you’ve always wanted to live, like near to malls, the city, or closer to loved ones. When you broaden your search radius to include those locations, it’ll give you additional Apartments to consider.

You can also find a cheaper place within the price range where you have more options. This can help you achieve two goals – saving money and finding additional features that meet your needs.

Leveraging their house-buying powering more affordable markets, that means you can use your work flexibility to search for Apartments with the amenities you need at a lower price point.

Remote work does not just give you expanded flexibility for your career. If you’re no longer tied to a location because of your office, you have a great opportunity to expand your housing search. Let’s connect to explore how this can open up your options.


Crafting your Apartment search checklist may seem like a small task, but it can save you time and money. It is also one of the keys to being successful in today’s competitive market. Metropolitan Real Estate helps you to explore your options, discuss the benefits, and take the next step to start your home search.

Let us connect today, on Metropolitan Real estate, which has multiple ongoing projects such as Metropolitan Tower at Bole Rwanda in front of Mamokacha cafe. Metropolitan Central Tower Luxury Apartments are around AU headquarters. Metropolitan Westview Standard Apartments is located at Total Soset Kuter Mazoriya and The Metropolitan Residence is located around Bole Main Road, In front of Mega Building. Contact us with the Ethiopian office: +251973404040 and the USA office: +1480 280 2242. 

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