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Numerous things have changed in the last few years, including the real estate market. One consequence is a greater desire to purchase a second apartment. According to the recent Luxury Market Report from Luxury Home Marketing: “As trends such as remote working took hold in 2021, so too did the flexibility of relocating as well as the growth of second homeownership.” This might be because the pandemic has affected our perceptions of our apartments. Where we live has become, more than ever, our safe space and our getaway. With the rise of remote work, more individuals are rethinking where they want to live and purchasing second apartments to provide them more freedom. If you fall into such group, here are a few suggestions.

Enjoy a Change in Scenery 

When you have another Apartment, you may switch between homes whenever you want a change of scenery. You have numerous alternatives with two homes.  Being able to move between homes based on the location that suits you best at that point gives you more flexibility, diversity, and happiness.

Build Your Wealth Faster

You may have heard that home equity is skyrocketing in Addis Ababa, thanks to ongoing home price appreciation. With home prices expected to continue to rise, if you buy a second Apartment, you could take advantage of the increasing equity in both properties to build your wealth (and net worth) even faster. Metropolitan Real Estate has multiple Apartments for sale with a high return of investment built-in quality.

Be Closer to Loved Ones

The pandemic has also reignited the importance of being near our loved ones. One option worth exploring is whether to place a second Apartment close to the most important people in life. This makes it easy to see your loved ones, but it still provides a private space so you can stay nearby for major life events and long-term visits. Metropolitan Real Estate has several projects in several key locations.

Lock in Your Expenses

If you want to stabilize your housing costs over the long term, we recommend buying a second apartment today. If you’re approaching retirement or are looking to use your second home as your permanent residence in the future, buying that Apartment now with today’s rate and price may be a good financial decision. So no matter what happens to rates and prices in the coming years, your cost of owning an apartment will be fixed for the next 15-30 years. Metropolitan Real Estate has multiple Apartments for sale with a high return of investment built-in quality.


Having multiple Apartments has considerable benefits. If owning a second Apartment is something you’re interested in, contact Metropolitan Real Estate to explore your options, discuss the benefits, and take the next step to start your home search.

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