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3 Low-Cost Ways To Make An Apartment Feel Like a Home


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Whether you’ve just bought your first Apartment or you’ve lived in your Apartment for a while now, sometimes getting into the routine of things means you miss out on feeling cozy in your own space. Especially in Addis AbabaEthiopia, where luxury life and new things are becoming a trend, here are some things that can change your home entirely by bringing warmth and sparking joy.

1. Indoor Plants

One of the best ways to bring color and warmth to a room is by placing indoor plants in areas you want to draw attention to. Green is a seemingly unlikely color people would choose to decorate their Apartments with, but plants can create a sense of openness and freshness.

When put in the right places, a potted indoor plant can break up a sometimes-neutral color scheme and bring the eye towards its various curves and shapes. They can add richness to a linear room and distract from its rigidity.

Plants are good for your health because they release the oxygen we breathe. They can also reduce stress and anxiety and are proven to cleanse the air we breathe. Whether real or fake, an indoor plant can make a space seem more organic, fresher, and more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, if you walk by on the corridors of Metropolitan Real Estate Apartments, you can see plants beside the stairway and on the gateway of elevators so that you refresh while walking by.


2. Framed Photographs

Nowadays, everyone is used to taking and storing photos on their phones. A great way to make your Apartment more welcoming and cozier is by filling empty wall spaces with framed photographs. It’s fair and inexpensive to get your photos printed. You can have a frame for your photos and create a feature wall filled with fond memories. 

Having pictures of loved ones in exceptional places can incite feelings of happiness and nostalgia. You can also frame pieces by your favorite artists along corridors and above dining spaces to add color and depth to an empty wall.


3. Change Your Bedding

The bedroom is a very personal space. It’s essential to make it one of comfort and relaxation. Making small changes can massively affect the atmosphere of an Apartment. Changing bedding can transform the aesthetic and color palette of a bedroom.

From a multi-colored quilt, one might opt for a neutral set. A white canvas means bringing out the color in other objects around an Apartment. If wanted to bring attention to the bed itself, think about changing to a patterned bed set. A dotted or striped quilt can bring dimension to a room, while a colored throw can help to complement other features.


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