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Addis Ababa is a land of opportunities


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Ethiopia, covering 120 million acres, Addis Ababa is a perfect place to secure a future in a great way. Many people are shifting to Addis Ababa due to several reasons. Addis Houses are well-constructed as villas and apartments. Addis house is dreamingly beautiful with lustrous greenery and eye-catchy vistas.

What makes a home?

Addis Ababa has the expertise to make living in a house an extraordinary experience. Commercial activities are also part and parcel of Addis Ababa. Malls and shops are furnished according to the world-class standard and superior quality products are available. The trademark entertainment sites are breathtaking and the favorite of many of the people who become a huge crowd, especially on weekends. It is expected that Addis Ababa has the potential to accommodate a great number of people in the future with improved facilities. In both standard and luxury Addis House, Basic amenities like

  • drainage system
  • maintenance, and security
  • supply of water
  • electricity
  • gas
  • A clean environment is a benchmark delivered brilliantly.  

Addis Houses

Ethiopia Real Estate is booming in full swing with substantial and evident profits. Ranging from villas to commercial centers, Addis Ababa offers massively promising prospects. Investors are very hopeful of the great returns on investments in times to come. The market shall expand with excessive opportunities for investors and buyers. A heavenly place in Addis house dreamingly beautiful with lustrous greenery and eye-catchy vistas.

Metropolitan Real Estate Company is the most significant real estate development in Ethiopia. A sure-shot bet for homeowners, real estate agents, and especially investors, but it wouldn’t be sensible to throw your money and efforts without homework. It must be aware of the necessary details of Addis Ababa’s precinct-wise developments and trends of real estate prices before buying or investing anything in Ethiopia.


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