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National Museum

The National Museum of Ethiopia also referred to as the Ethiopian National Museum, is a national museum in Ethiopia. It is located in the capital, Addis Ababa, near the Addis Ababa University’s graduate school.

The museum houses Ethiopia’s artistic treasures. It contains many precious local archaeological finds such as the fossilized remains of early hominids, the most famous of which is “Lucy,” the partial skeleton of a specimen of Australopithecus afarensis. In the basement gallery, there is a display of Selam, found between 2000 and 2004. This archaic fossil is estimated to date to 3.3 million years ago.


Entoto Hills form part of the Ethiopian highlands. Mount Entoto is the highest peak overlooking the city of Addis rising 3200m above sea level. Entoto served as Menelik II’s capital before he moved to Addis Ababa. Entoto is characterized by huge eucalyptus trees which were imported from Australia during Menelik II’s reign.

Hike up Mount Entoto and enjoy amazing views of Addis Ababa. You can also visit the Entoto Maryam Church and Saint Raguel. In addition, explore the Entoto Natural Park which serves as a watershed between the Blue Nile and Awash Rivers.

Some of the activities to engage in include hiking the hill for a great view of the city. Discover the Entoto National Park and Entoto Maryam Cathedral. Make a stop at the Shiro Meda Market on your way from the hill and buy Ethiopian souvenirs.

Merkato Market

Addis Merkato is the Biggest Market of Africa. Addis Merkato is a big open-air market in Ketema District. The market covers several square kilometers employing countless people in 7,100 business entities.

Merkato adopted from Italian word means giant market. It was established as a marketplace during the Italian occupation of Ethiopia.

The colorful market is organized based on section (tera) where similar products are found on the same area. Explore Addis Merkato Market to shop for souvenirs.
You can shop for Ethiopian traditional attires, wooden crafts, fabrics, coffee and spices among others things. Have a guide accompany you to the market for easy navigation.

Golf club

Addis Abeba Golf Club’s is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The hotel features grand conferencing facilities and a golf course. Free WiFi is available for all guests.

Lion Of Judah

The Lion of Judah is the symbol of Ethiopia’s monarchy. Located in Addis Ababa, the monument was erected in 1930, on the eve of Haille Selassie’s coronation.

Visit the Lion of Judah Monument and be taken through its history. Learn how the monument was looted by the Italians and taken to Rome plus the story of the Eritrean who identified it and how he became a hero to the locals.

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