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Westview Standard Apartment Features


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Westview standard apartment is metropolitan’s very first standard apartment for sale in Addis Ababa.

Standard apartments are built with equivalent quality to that of luxury apartments. Construction processes, material quality and supervision are to meet international standards. Metropolitans luxury constructions are done by experienced international engineers with strict supervision.

24 Hours Uninterrupted Power Supply

Living in an apartment complex is the most convenient option for many urban dwellers. The advantages of living in an apartment are many: Access to utilities and Additional facilities such as 24-hour uninterrupted water and power supply.

Our high capacity generator provides an uninterrupted power supply for all apartment units including common areas


It is only logical that any G+7 Apartments should have an elevator which meets international standards. Westview has 3 types of elevators to maximize convenience.

Large Parking Spaces

Westview international Standard Apartment for sale in Addis Ababa has 3 level secured underground parking space available for all units.


All fixtures and finishing materials are of high quality that satisfies international standards that modern standard homes are built with.

For example, kitchen cabinets, tile flooring, light fixtures, all meet high-quality standards

Uninterrupted Water Supply

Westview is equipped with a large water tank so you wouldn’t have to worry about Addis Ababa’s Water supply issue.

Parking Area

An underground parking garage has levels below the surface and none above ground. Most often underground parking garages are located in city centers where there’s not much space available to build a parking facility, but there is a big need to build one.

 Common Areas

All Common areas like entrance and lobby are designed with international standards to be warm and welcoming for you, your family and your guests

Metropolitan real estate PLC, is an American company, building quality homes in Ethiopia to fulfill the needs of luxury house for sale in Addis Ababa and all of Ethiopia as well


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