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There’s an old expression that when you buy anything – you can have it fast, you can have it good or you can have it cheap, pick two. These qualities are the pillars around which real-estate developers build their business model – essentially standardizing the industry into three optimum archetypes.

Like with any investment, buying a property is no quick decision. The most experienced buyer may scratch their head when going through the wide array of options in Addis Ababa‘s diverse housing market – whether to live in or rent out. Across many alternatives, the ideal choice would comprise excellent quality, timely delivery, and value for money.

One such developer is Metropolitan Real-Estate PLC, the American company that introduced a new breed of quality Apartments to the city’s portfolio. With over 23 years of experience in global real estate, the company is responsible for more than 450 large-scale projects worldwide.

Mr. Ozgur Kahndil, Deputy Managing Director of the company, points out that for a buyer to maximize return on investment on a property, the goal is not to use cheaper and more easily found materials, but to design and build a safe, convenient, durable, and comfortable space of which the added value grows in time. The demand for luxury apartments has grown proportionally with the need for large-scale reliable investment opportunities.

With a unique approach of building value that grows, the company has already sold out two of its houses for sale in Addis Ababa. Sarbet Gabriel Apartment in Sarbet and Midtown Apartment on Bole Road respectively. The former, a one-home-per-floor building located near the South African Embassy, already serves as an example of the newly introduced standard of living in Ethiopia – featuring meticulously planned rooms.

In an online video tour of the Apartment, owner Adam Ugur Tunc describes an ergonomic kitchen set-up, top-of-the-line building materials, round-the-clock emergency utilities, a sound security system, and psychologically appealing color schemes. The company expresses this particular unit as a benchmark, where-in all following developments will expand on the features of this unique complex.

Metropolitan real estate PLC, is an American-owned Real estate building, building quality homes in Ethiopia to fulfill the needs of luxury real estate for sale in Addis Ababa and all of Ethiopia.

Let us connect today, on Metropolitan Real estate, which has multiple ongoing projects such as Metropolitan Central Tower Luxury Apartments are around AU headquarters. Metropolitan Westview Standard Apartments located at Total Soset kuter Mazoriya. If you are ready to begin your journey on the way to becoming a homeowner, please contact us with the Ethiopian office: +251973404040 and USA office: +1480 280 2242.


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