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Built-ins and Their Advantages in Apartments in Ethiopia

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Built-ins are a very special type of furniture that are available in our apartments in Ethiopia. They blend into the décor rather than standing out alone and this makes them suitable for minimalist contemporary interiors. And because of that, a large built-in piece of furniture can look more slender and smaller than a free-standing one with the same dimensions.

Acquiring a home with built-in furniture enhances your living space in many ways. Some of which are:


A sense of flow is essential to making a room feel spacious.  For example, a large shelving unit will project several inches into the room between it and the wall, whereas a built-in bookcase is part of the room’s structure.

Built-ins provide lots of storage. They can occupy an entire wall without making the room feel considerably smaller. They help create a cohesive look throughout and can be combined and coordinated with the rest of the décor.


Built-ins bring character and personality to the overall designed space. The main characteristic of built-in furniture is that allows you to create a sleek transition between spaces and that coherent décor that makes your home feel airy. Built-in furniture looks like a part of the house itself and this allows it to beautifully blend in for an overall modern appearance.

Check out how beautifully we designed and constructed elegant Built-in Furniture on our completed project, Sarbet Gabriel luxury apartment.

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