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Elements of Interior Design in Ethiopian Homes

Elements Of Interior Design In 1

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Interior design is the art of designing the inside space of a building creatively and technically. The designed space should be visually attractive and allow dwellers to feel at home

1) Space

The most main element of interior design would be a functional space. Functional space acts as the base of the entire interior design. Therefore, the user and the designer must be well aware of the space availability purpose of each space. A functional space would contain two types of space. Which is a space, that is filled with furniture or fixture (e.g, sofa, dining table), will be a positive space. And a space (e.g. hallway, space between dining set and sofa) will be considered negative space.

2. Color

Colors establish an aesthetic connection between objects and set the mood. Colors must be chosen, based on the psychology and the mindset of the dweller. For example, red is an excellent choice for a dining room as it encourages appetite. And green for a bedroom is the color of tranquility and health. Each color has three distinct characteristics named; Hue, Value, and intensity. An interior designer must be well aware of these characteristics to perform various permutations and combinations.

Elements Of Interior Design In 2

3. Light

Light is one of the most critical elements of interior design. Either artificial lighting or natural lighting, no elements would be identified, simply without the light. Light sets in the mood and ambiance into space together. It will also highlight some of the other design elements before proper planning. Therefore, you may refer to the three major types of lights – Mood Lighting, Accent Lighting, and Task Lighting.

4. Forms

Forms mean shapes in general, an outline of any three-dimensional object in the space. That can be created by combining two or more shapes and can be accentuated with the help of other elements like texture, patterns, and colors. A well-defined form establishes harmony, and additional forms add balance to the space. There are two types of forms – Geometric (artificial) and Natural (organic). Also, forms can be as open and closed, open ones are those that can be looked into, and closed ones are those surrounded by a closed surface. A solid understanding of the above (space and line), is required to achieve a good form.

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