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Master Bathroom -Luxurious Features


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Master bathroom as implied by the name is a grand room in which the best toilet accessories are provided. here are some of the luxurious features offered by master bathrooms.


Glass countertops, sleek lines and a clean, clear space make a bathroom welcoming. Glass can be wonderful, since it’s incredibly durable, but it also brings a fresh feeling to your space. Playing off multiple other design choices without adding overwhelming detail can be a challenge, but using modern materials can provide a current look that is truly you.

Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet is a room all its own. A high-quality door and drawers installed accessories, finishes, lighting, and layout options create a custom-designed and organized space that is a joy to use every day.

Walk-In Shower

The term walk-in shower simply refers to the point that there is no step up, or step into the shower as is normally found with a white plastic shower tray for example. You simply ‘walk in’ to the showering area.

Modern technology and waterproofing now mean that level access walk in showers can be installed in most homes without fear of leakage if care is taken and instructions are followed.

A walk-in shower is easy to clean and maintain and can really enhance the look of any bathroom.

Built-In Features

Built-ins are a very special type of furniture. The main characteristic of built-in furniture is that allows you to create a sleek transition between spaces and that coherent décor that makes your home feel airy. Built-in furniture looks like a part of the house itself and this allows it to beautifully blend in for an overall modern appearance.

Some of the built-in features that should be available in luxurious bathrooms are:

  • Toilet seat and flush, washers,
  • drawers, Mirror
  • soap holders
  • Double sink

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