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The History Of Architecture Of Addis Ababa

The History Architecture

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Addis Ababa was founded in 1886 by Emperor Menilik. The earliest architecture built were churches of St. Mary, Raguel, and the palace of Menilik.

Ankober was the original seat of Emperor Menilik. Some of the earliest architecture types of ‘Addis Ababa style’ were first built in Ankober. Most of the builders were coming from Gondar and introduced new construction techniques.

Later on, after settling in Addis around Entoto, various architectural styles started emerging in Addis Ababa’s building architecture. Some of which are:

The Heavy Style

This architectural era was distinguished by European influences of grand and solid-looking buildings.

Addis Style (the Late 1800s To Early 1910)

Fanciful roof shapes, painted/decorated balconies, and roofs are the main identifications of buildings constructed in this era. The designs are said to be of Arabian and Indian influences.

Italian Influence

Italians during their brief period in Ethiopia, have made lots of impacts on Addis Ababa‘s Architecture as well as in some parts of Ethiopia.

This influence can be recognized by, Abstract geometrical designs, Smooth plaster Light yellow and beige, and shades of dark red to brown.

The Italians also designed master plans for the city, some of which are still being implemented in Addis.

European Influence From the 1960s To Now

New technologies like pile foundation, vibrated concrete, factory finished materials, use of cranes, design factors, functional requirements, adaptation to industrialized building methods were in this era. This tradition has extended to the current time and buildings are still built with European design and discipline.

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