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There are many things we have to take into consideration when we think of purchasing an apartment: price, neighborhood, parking space and its proximity to a good restaurant and so much more. The major issue to put into consideration is the “environment”. This entails the neighborhood, weather location so on and so forth.

1. Location and Accessibility

We all seem to ask more over the same questions when it comes to selecting and purchasing an apartment should I pick a more urban area? How good are the transportation facilities? How safe is it? How close is it to the center of the city? All questions we ask when we look for an apartment.

Our Central Tower Apartments  are located in the prime locations of Addis Ababa around the AU headquarters and just around Mexico Square making it a more


reliable location. Central Tower Apartments are also near to Landmark hospital, Addis Ababa’s new main city center, main office of multiple Banks, international Clinical Laboratories and many more. The fact that Central Tower Apartments  are near to everything you want in our day-to-day, life makes it a reliable and most exciting place to live in!

In some places, there might be problems with the water system such as flow reduction and quality deterioration due to corrosion within the water distribution system. But, due to such issues in Addis Ababa, Central Tower Apartments holds some key Features such as Water Tanker and Generators which resolve most living standard issues we face.

2. Neighborhood Value and Type

The neighborhood is a major issue we put into consideration whenever we want to buy an Apartment. Hence, we are not just buying the apartments but we are also buying the environment and the lifestyle.

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Traffic is a huge concern to most people due to the noise and air pollution and the risks on human life that accompany it. Most people with children prefer to live in places with less traffic to ensure their children’s safety. Even if they live alone, places with huge traffic wouldn’t be their first choice. We believe our Westview Standard Apartments are a more centered, friendly and cozy environment to live in. Westview Standard Apartments are located near to total 3 kuter total mazoria ,which is near to Bisrate Gabriel, International Community School and golf club. Which makes Westview Standard Apartments be around a less crowded environment just a perfect place for you and your family.

3. Return on Investment (ROL)

It is known that one of the main reasons people invest is to increase their wealth. One of the areas of investment in real estate. Real estate is a tangible property that is generally made of land and includes any structures or resources found on that land. Therefore, people purchase a property with the intent of making money through rental income. Return on investment is a very crucial variable for these people. Knowing your return on investment allows you to assess whether putting money into a particular investment is a wise choice or not.

high returns new TM

Here at Metropolitan Real Estate, we offer a reliable and accurate return on investment. Say you buy an outstanding and luxuries apartment from Metropolitan Real Estate and wonder when will your ROI (Return on Investment) starts growing, we have a clear estimated time when you start getting your ROI in no time.

Due to the higher demands of house in Addis Ababa and the price elasticity, we believe the housing marketing will increase numerously in the next 5-7 years. Now, imagine yourself owning luxurious apartments by the time when the market rises.

Just Imagine!


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