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Choose the neighborhood, not just the house

If you have to decide between great houses in two different areas, one being a neighborhood suited for peaceful living with people of similar values, interests, and ages, choose that. It can mean great social opportunities for the entire family

Choose a house that speaks to you

Sometimes you get in a house and it is as though the walls speak to you. The moment you set foot in the house you feel one with the house. Psychologically speaking, your subconscious might organize your ideas of your perfect house and this at once will make you feel at peace with the house. Check if you really feel the house. Ask yourself if you really fit in the space perfectly if you decide to buy it.

Include new furniture in your costs

Often, a new house feels like a new start and you’ll want new furniture to fill all those pretty rooms. Keep this in mind as you calculate your costs. If money’s an issue and you’re choosing between two houses, choose the one that will accommodate your existing furniture can be a wiser choice.

Know your non-negotiables

Choosing a house requires lots of rational thought but certain things, even if they’re quirky or personal, need to be included in the decision as well. If hearing traffic in the distance will drive you crazy, or you don’t like the idea of malls and stores nearby, choose a good neighborhood secluded from the buzz of the city.  Like Metropolitan’s homes which are located in prime locations but are found in residential location that are quiet and peaceful.


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