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Introducing Westview Standard Apartments

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Westview standard apartments is Metropolitan’s newest affordable housing project in Addis Ababa. Although, Westview is not built with luxury standards, it is still a very high-quality apartment for sale in Addis Ababa. Its construction, material selection and supervision are to be of international standard, which is guaranteed to give a modern high-quality life in Addis Ababa

Area- 1500m2

Storey- G+7

Parking- 3 Basements

Location- Westview apartments are located around total Sost Kutr Mazoria.

What makes the location a convenient living area?


  • Getting to and from the apartment won’t be troublesome because it is located 2 minutes away from the ring road and 5 minutes from total round about

Schools, Hospitals, shopping centers are located in 1km radius. Even better, services like supermarket, cafeteria, bakery, barberry will be available on the apartment building  


24 Hours Uninterrupted Power Supply

At Westview You won’t suffer from Addis Ababa’s common Power Outage. Our high capacity power generators will keep you powered up 24/7. Generator system will meet the electricity needs of all apartments and common areas.


Its only logical that any G+7 Apartments should have an elevator which meets international standards

Large Parking Spaces

Westview international Standard Apartment for sale in Addis Ababa has a 3 level secured underground parking space available for all units


All fixtures and finishing materials are of high quality that satisfies international standards that modern standard homes are built with

Uninterrupted Water Supply

Westview is equipped with a large water tank so you wouldn’t have to worry about Addis Ababa’s Water supply issue.

Common Areas

Common areas like entrance and lobby are designed to be warm and welcoming for you and your family

Metropolitan real estate PLC, is an American company, building quality homes in Ethiopia to fulfill the needs of luxury house for sale in Addis Ababa and all of Ethiopia as well


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