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How To Keep Your Family Safe When Living In Apartments In Ethiopia


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Living in an apartment complex is the most convenient option for many urban dwellers. The advantages of living in an apartment are many: Access to utilities and Additional facilities such as 24-hour uninterrupted water and power supply. But the foremost reason for choosing apartment dwelling is security. Apartments come with different kinds of security system installations and there are more techniques you as a dweller can apply.

There are proactive, active and reactive ways of home protection.

Proactive security is any measure that is set in place that will deter criminal activity before it happens. The basics include making sure doors and windows are locked, and lights are on.

Active Security involves a person activity watching your property.

Reactive security is one of two things, cameras or people. And a combination of the two is recommended.

For a better security having a combination of the three types of security is preferable.

Security Management System

Security cameras can be a great resource to improve the safety and security of your property. Getting the proper system set up in the best locations is critical. Security cameras have many great attributes but can have limitations as well. To get maximum value from your cameras, keep in mind you will need to use them in conjunction with other security measures.

Our brand new home for sale in Addis, Westview apartments  is equipped with a 24-hour operating security system so you can keep your living spaces secured for you and your family

Security Alarm System

A security alarm is a composed of a network of integrated electronic devices working together with a central control panel to protect against burglars and other potential home intruders.

A typical home security system includes:

  • A control panel, which is the primary controller of a home’s security system
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors, both interior and exterior
  • Wired or wireless security cameras
  • A siren or alarm


Having secure door locks in the oldest method of securing one’s home. Even with the modern techniques mentioned above having a well-installed door lock is very important.

For instance, all the doors in our Sarbet Gabriel luxury apartment are made of stainless steel and 8 locks; which makes it very hard for intruders to get in in any way.

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