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4 Ways to Freshen up Your Apartment


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Throw open the curtains, let the breeze in, and brighten or Freshen up your Apartment. With springtime comes a sense of renewal, and a desire to clean, organize and refresh — especially if you’re spending a lot of time at home. Get your creative gears turning, and whip your space into shape. You’ll be surprised how a few simple changes can give you a whole new outlook.

1. Embrace natural light

Feel the bright Addis Ababa through your windows with big mirrors. With warmer days comes more sun, so open those blinds and bask in the natural light. Instead of flipping on your lights in the morning, pull back the curtains and let sunshine light the way. The simple act of opening your windows can help lift your mood, and you’ll save a little on your electric bill too.

Bonus: mirrors also give the illusion of a bigger space, making your home feel brighter, bigger, and clearer. Apartments of Metropolitan Real Estate are carefully designed with big windows to make your day feel as new.


2. Give your furniture a clean slate

All-white furniture creates a spring vibe in the living room of your own ApartmentEthiopian spring is the perfect time to break out all of your lighter and cooler clothes — and this also goes for furniture. A white, beige, or light gray couch is the perfect nesting spot.

Light neutral chairs set the tone, reflect light and keep you from getting too warm. If desired, you can keep these pieces out year-round to invoke springtime memories and delay wintertime blues when skies are gray. If you don’t want to commit to white furniture, invest in slipcovers that you can use seasonally and remove once colder temperatures return. Metropolitan Real Estate Apartments are ready-made just for you to move to infill them with your own choice of furniture.

3. Let nature be your guide

Wickers and woven are materials that work through spring and well into summer. Incorporate lightweight natural materials into your decor — think wicker, woven baskets, light wood grain, and cotton curtains. Keep it airy and light, leaning on nature to inspire you.

Switch out heavy blankets for summery throws, and pack away heavy, dark decor items in favor of woven baskets paired with colorful or nature-inspired accessories. By adding earthy materials to your Apartment, you invoke nature inside and out for a fresh and renewed feel. Every Metropolitan Real Estate Apartments are where luxury meets comfort and aesthetics.

4. Go green and breathe deep

Adding potted plants, bouquets, and herb gardens to your Apartment is a great way to bring the outdoors in Addis Ababa roads is a good source for this opportunity because flowers get sold in different places on your way. Plants not only do they provide beautiful focal points and improve your mood, but they also give off hits of oxygen — so breathe deep.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up a couple of rooms in your Apartment or overhaul your whole space, there are easy steps you can take to get your Apartment to feel new and fresh. Give yourself a new outlook and a fresh perspective by taking the time to rejuvenate your space and your mindset. From simply opening up the curtains to looking to nature for inspiration, you can completely transform your apartment into a sunny, light, and airy space.

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