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Real Estate Investment Strategies


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When it comes to the awareness of real estate, having the right investment strategy is necessary. As a real estate investor, you need to choose a strategy that fits your goals, needs, personality, skills, and budget. Here are some real estate investment options to consider:

Rental properties

Investing in rental properties involves buying a house for sale, making it livable and attractive to potential tenants by renting it out. First, You need to conduct a real estate market analysis and an investment property analysis to determine the rate of return on a rental property. Using metrics such as occupancy rate, cap rate, and cash on cash return, you can identify the best rental property in the market of your choice. 

There are several types of rental strategies to choose from:

Traditional rental property

This idea involves renting out to tenants anywhere between 3 months to years at a time. You can invest in one of the Metropolitan Real Estate Apartments and rent it out for years with a high guaranteed return on investment.

Buy and hold real estate strategy

This real estate investment strategy involves buying an investment property, holding onto it (usually for several years), and selling it at a higher price. Since property appreciation takes time, buy and hold is suitable for anyone looking for a long-term, active investment. Most real estate investors combine this strategy with a rental one so they can benefit from cash flow month to month and appreciation upon selling. When Purchasing Apartments from Metropolitan Real Estate, there is no question about ROI as they are of high quality, valuable, trustworthy, and located in prime locations.

Fix and flip real estate

With the fix and flip real estate investment strategy, you buy income property under market value, renovate it, and then sell it as soon as possible for a profit. To avoid losing money with fix and flip, be sure to consult an appraiser, contractor, and inspector. In the case of Metropolitan Real Estate, a trusted advisor can help you understand where home prices are today, how they contribute to a homeowner’s net worth, and the impact equity can have when you own a home.

Joint Venture 

A real estate joint venture (JV) is a deal between two parties to work together and combine resources to develop a real estate project. Most large projects are financed and developed as a result of real estate joint ventures. JVs allow real estate operators (individuals with extensive experience developing real estate projects) to work with landowners.

Metropolitan Real-Estate projects are done through joint ventures like Midtown Luxurious ApartmentsMetropolitan Tower Apartments and Central Tower Apartments where landowners invest in their homes by allocating their land ownership to Metropolitan Real-Estate, in return Metropolitan Real-Estate delivers before time with high-quality finishing materials with a promising return on investment.

Bottom line

If you want to learn more, let’s connect on Metropolitan Real Estate., which has multiple ongoing projects such as Metropolitan Tower apartments located at Bole Rwanda bridge In front of Mamocacha Café, while Metropolitan Central Tower Luxury Apartments are around AU headquarters. Metropolitan Westview Standard Apartments are located at Total Soset Kuter Mazoriya. If you are ready to begin your journey on the path to becoming a homeowner, please contact us at the Ethiopian office: +251973404040 and USA office: +1 480 280 2242. A trusted advisor can help you understand where home prices are today, how they contribute to a homeowner’s net worth, and the impact equity can have when you own a home.


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