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Kategna Restaurant


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Nestled in the center of the country, Ethiopia ‘s capital city, Addis Ababa, is quickly evolving and growing. Addis captures much of the diversity unique to the country, with over 80 distinctive languages and numerous dialects belonging to a variety of religious communities and peoples. The city takes pride in its diversity, which is perhaps best represented by the city’s food culture and lively restaurant scene.

Kategna is widely known for its extensive menu. There are tibs (grilled or sautéed meats with onions and peppers), fir fir (shredded injera), kitfoDoro wat(chicken stew), and dirkosh(air dried injera), just to name a few. The service at Kategna is fast and the presentation is beautiful. If ordering the yetsom beyeynetu, expect a huge combination platter of injera topped with a variety of vegetarian stews, sauces, and sides. One of the most satisfying aspects of any Ethiopian traditional meal is ripping off the pieces of spongy injera with your hands, and scooping up all the sauces and meats the plate has to offer. Kategna has a lively energy, and should not be missed. If coming for lunch, make sure to visit either before 12:30pm or after 1:45pm, or be prepared to wait!

And the most amazing thing is it is found on 400M from Metropolitan Addis bole midtown   


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