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What Is Around You: Boston Day Spa


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On the streets of Bole, is where you find Boston Day Spa. This is a place where you can get a luxurious full-service spa and salon. You can rejuvenate yourself in a welcoming and luxurious setting, pampering your body with a choice of relaxing massages, facials, baths, or body treatments.

Beautify and enhance your appearance with custom hair styling, deluxe manicures & pedicures or consider our Moroccan baths, sauna & steam.

There is a unique retreat that is designed for your comfort and nurturing; a place where you can abandon your cares, awaken your senses and escape into a world of pleasure.

Boston Day Spa is located a 5-minute drive away from Metropolitan’s Bole Midtown luxury apartments.

Bole Midtown is Metropolitan’s second luxury housing project in Ethiopia. Bole Midtown is an incredible housing option where all the luxurious Metropolitan has to offer meet.


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