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Real estate professionals agree that Technology is reshaping how we buy house in Ethiopia and the world. The growth of mobile and Internet technologies and AI, are the primary contributors to this advancement.

The goal of technology is to make our lives simpler and better. Smart men and women, who never rest to look for ways to make our lives easier, are very much succeeding. With the works of these people, technology is enabling industries to evolve remarkably. And real estate is no exception.

These Are Some Of The Ways Technology Is Advancing Real Estate In Ethiopia:

1. Online Listings

In 2016, 44% of home buyers first searched for properties online. Websites make it easy for anyone to view what’s available for sale or rent, Along with photos and detailed descriptions. check out our listings.

If you would like to check out the location of the house and its proximity to facilities that you might be in need of, the easily accessible Satellite views can be of service.

2. Mobile Apps

There are a lot of apps that keep you informed about new properties and listings that fit your search

3. Social Media

Social media marketing is booming these days. With plenty of platform options and different marketing strategies, advertising properties have been made easier than ever

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4. Enhanced Tours

Virtual Tours

New software development allows buyers and sellers to take a 3-D virtual tour of a property instead of just photos, making it feel as if you were walking through the space in person.

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Robotic Showing

This Allows agents to show a lot of houses in one day because they don’t have to be physically present on the location

This technological advancement has also changed the real estate in Ethiopia; especially, with online listings and social media marketing. Buyers can now search for a house online and see detailed description and pictures. Metropolitan Real Estate too, is making use of internet marketing. If you want to buy house in Ethiopia, check out our luxury apartment in Addis Ababa first.

Let’s face it Technological advancements are changing our lives whether we like it or not. There’s always a debate on ethical issues of relying on technology to the extent to which we are now. But there’s no denying it is making life way simpler


Metropolitan real estate PLC, is an American company, building quality homes in Ethiopia to fulfill the needs of luxury real estate for sale and rent in Addis Ababa and all of Ethiopia as well.



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