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How Much Is The Real Estate Sector Worth?

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The value of the world’s real estate assets rose 5% in 2020 to $326.5 trillion, making it the most significant store of wealth and more valuable than all global equities and debt securities combined. According to a search on google, and in Ethiopia, the real estate sector has been one of the fastest-growing segments of the Ethiopian economy. The sector has contributed 12.5 percent to domestic growth in the past ten years, enhancing the quality of living.

Africa has the greatest potential for value growth in real estate as national economies and household incomes increase.

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Global real estate value is in trillions. And in Ethiopia, real estate is contributing 12.5% to the county’s domestic growth.

The role of real estate across the world is changing. It is the globe’s most important asset class and accounts for a significant proportion of personal and household wealth in developed economies.

Metropolitan Real Estate PLC, is very much proud of its contribution to this sector. It has been operating in the areas of real estate development since it began working in Ethiopia, like shopping mall projects. It has also been developing luxury real estate and residence projects all over the world for many years. And we expanded to Addis Ababa, realizing that Luxury real estate in Ethiopia is much needed.

Our brand new apartments house is for sale in Addis Ababa, located around a well-established neighborhood at Sarbet. It is a home for your family with gracious rooms, spectacular view, and furnished kitchen

Quick Facts About The Real Estate Sector

  • The global real estate is a more valuable asset class than all stocks, shares, and debt combined
  • The value of all the gold ever mined throughout history
  • the world now owns real estate assets worth 2.8 times its annual income (GDP), when referred from google.


Let us connect now, on Metropolitan Real estate, which has multiple ongoing projects Metropolitan Central Tower Luxury Apartments are around AU headquarters. Metropolitan Westview Standard Apartments located at Total Soset kuter Mazoriya. If you are ready to begin your journey on the path to becoming a homeowner, for more information, please contact us with the Ethiopian office: +251973404040 and USA office: +1 480 280 2242.


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