Anchored in generating the respect for people and nature,Metropolitan Real Estate, while maintaining in the philosophy of the “best living areas” in all its projects;

* Takes into account the needs and expectations of the customer; increases customer satisfaction and quality control, applies the quality control system required by the norms of the age of the maximum level of application,
* By closely following the latest state-of-the-art developments applied in the areas of engineering and architecture, increases environmental awareness and quality,
* Delivers the job on promised time,
* While maintaining the project, gives to our professional employees of all levels continuously updated information through periodic training,
*The laws and regulations in effect in the other dimensions of environment and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), complies with all legal requirements associated with risks and to follows the appropriatness,
* By creating secure workspaces both in our offices and sites, minimizes the work accidents and occupational diseases,
* By taking into account the usage of natural resources and environmental pollution, in our offices and sites, commits to make studies sensitive to environment.