* The reflection of Metropolitan Real Estate's "best living spaces" philosophy in the group is the “family” concept.

*This concept means for Metropolitan Real Estate, to look to the future in the union power and complacency as an expression of the Organization's future work, adopting their own and the ability to integrate his/her work tomorrow with a family consisting of individuals that creates value.

- Harmony and Development: Able to apply Metropolitan's philosophy, vision, mission and principles; to be able to develop his/her team and himself/herself; to follow and implements the developments in technology, and to give trained and professional human resources to the Group.

- Dynamism: In line with the strategic plans and objectives, make ready organizational structure of the dynamic changes of the group companies.

- Maximum performance: In order to most effective and efficient use of Human resources and the power of management for the purpose of directing of group goals, to develop personal and team performance with the improving quality processes and systems.

- Our Employees-Present: To offer, comfortable and safe working environment to the empoloyees.

- Our Employees-Tomorrow: To provide career development opportunities.

- Individual Development: In the belief of the individual development will reflect directly on the development of business, to provide work environment that employees can develop constantly can learn, and can try.